Howard Eisenberg, Author

Howards-HatLink to Site Author and bon vivant, Howard Eisenberg, came to me with a collection of unrelated sites, and a wish to consolidate and simplify them without losing too much. Rather than full-fledged Read more...

e-commerce, he simply needed links to his publisher, Mascot Books.

Nina Thomas, Ph.D.

Dr. Nina ThomasLink to Site This noted psychologist needed a makeover. She’d been paying an arm and a leg for dreary, templated therapists’ specialty hosting. Her directive was a modern, warm look, retaining content significant Read more...

to her clients and colleagues. I set her up with self-hosting, and built a clean, responsive WordPress site. Pretty straightforward. Then, 2/3 of the way through she needed new stationery, invoices and business cards.

Perfect! This allowed a budget for logo development, which her site seriously needed, but hadn’t been included in the original estimate. While happy with the first iteration of her site’s redesign, she was thrilled with the newer, branded version.

Many of Dr. Thomas’s former Resource Page links were dead. The last thing a troubled patient seeking help needs is the frustration of a broken link. So I fixed her up with a simple solution, so when external links change we receive an email, and can fix them.

875 West End Avenue

875 West End Ave.Link to SiteAnother WordPress site, this time for one of those classic old NY City co-op apartment buildings. The site includes historical material, building information—facilities, neighborhood links, Read more...

a photo gallery and resources. A special residents’ section contains a calendar of local events, news bulletins and downloadable forms & documents. A community forum, The Virtual Stoop, only awaits Board approval, as does an intra-building classified ads page.

I conceived, designed, wrote, produced and photographed the entire site from the ground up. The site’s header, background and footer use the building’s actual architectural features. Other images include vintage public domain shots.

The sidebar features a feed from the Westside Rag® with current neighborhood/local news items, and an event calendar feed which includes local events of interest.

Joelle Wallach, Composer

Joelle Wallach, ComposerLink to Site Organizing this busy and talented composer’s life and work was both fun and challenging. Much existed in one form or another on her old static site. But severely outdated, and containing Read more...

broken elements and errors, it needed major editing, a graphic makeover, and the ability to easily update it in the future.

The first order of business was to set up a WordPress CMS. Custom post-types and categories helped sort out her “portfolio.” Adding content became easy: fill in some blanks, upload a sound clip, check off a category, and when published the new composition finds its proper place on the site.

Added to that were an events calendar to post premieres and lectures, blog, and downloadable press kit info and a couple of static pages for bio and recordings. Good photography already existed, so we used it. Shot against a black background, the images proved both dramatic and economical.

Carol Schindler Consulting

Carol Schindler, ConsultingLink to SiteAn independent consultant who offers speech coaching, corporate training, executive coaching, creative direction and writing. This site presents a series of programs she offers, an impressive list of more...

clients, testimonials, a bio, links and a blog. The most fun was designing and illustrating the logo which reappears throughout in fun variations.

Joanne Adorns, Jeweler

Joanne Adorns, Custom JewelryLink to SiteA portfolio site for a crafter of high-end, one-of-a-kind, hand-made necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Since each piece is unique, the site is a portfolio rather than an e-commerce site, featuring Read more...

dramatic photo galleries. It inspires custom orders, and helps gain entrance into exclusive shows and competitions. I love this site, and am especially happy with my logo design and the photography.

Jim’s Roots & Blues, Music

Jim's Roots and Blues, NYC Music CalendarLink to SiteWhere to find the best traditional acoustic music in and around NY City? No single source covered the hundreds of active local venues and performers. This WordPress site was launched so fans, Read more...

including myself, could find the music they love. Its main feature is an events calendar covering four categories: American Roots, Festivals, Jams and “Other Savories.”

Included are lists of tri-state venues, complete with maps, local music services, links to local talent. A Google search for NYC bluegrass, old time music now ranks this site in the top 2. I designed and wrote the entire site, adapting its header image from an out-of-print Bill Monroe record jacket.

Post Disaster Therapists’ Resource

Post-Disaster Therapists' ResourceLink to SiteIn the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a group of psychotherapists convened in New Orleans to tackle a previously unaddressed issue: how to help therapists who are also victims in stressful, Read more...

disaster-stricken locations around the world.

This site is a legacy to that work. Because it was built to help those in similar circumstances, technology is kept simple, with only a little javascript. Presentation is straightforward, relying heavily on collected quotes from those who were there. I designed the logo, which combines the Greek character, psi—the symbol, as I discovered—for psychiatry, with the meteorological hurricane symbol.