Nina Thomas, Ph.D.

Dr. Nina ThomasLink to Site This noted psychologist needed a makeover. She’d been paying an arm and a leg for dreary, templated therapists’ specialty hosting. Her directive was a modern, warm look, retaining content significant Read more...

to her clients and colleagues. I set her up with self-hosting, and built a clean, responsive WordPress site. Pretty straightforward. Then, 2/3 of the way through she needed new stationery, invoices and business cards.

Perfect! This allowed a budget for logo development, which her site seriously needed, but hadn’t been included in the original estimate. While happy with the first iteration of her site’s redesign, she was thrilled with the newer, branded version.

Many of Dr. Thomas’s former Resource Page links were dead. The last thing a troubled patient seeking help needs is the frustration of a broken link. So I fixed her up with a simple solution, so when external links change we receive an email, and can fix them.