Joelle Wallach, Composer

Joelle Wallach, ComposerLink to Site Organizing this busy and talented composer’s life and work was both fun and challenging. Much existed in one form or another on her old static site. But severely outdated, and containing Read more...

broken elements and errors, it needed major editing, a graphic makeover, and the ability to easily update it in the future.

The first order of business was to set up a WordPress CMS. Custom post-types and categories helped sort out her “portfolio.” Adding content became easy: fill in some blanks, upload a sound clip, check off a category, and when published the new composition finds its proper place on the site.

Added to that were an events calendar to post premieres and lectures, blog, and downloadable press kit info and a couple of static pages for bio and recordings. Good photography already existed, so we used it. Shot against a black background, the images proved both dramatic and economical.